Kill Dil (2014) Review

Movie Name : Kill Dil

My Rating : 1/10    :  Very Bad Movie  : Ek dum bekaar movie

My Advice : DO NOT watch this movie . This is one of the wrost movie i have even seen

Movie Year : 2014

IMDB Link : Kill Dil

Cast :

Ranveer Singh Ranveer Singh
Ali Zafar Ali Zafar
Parineeti Chopra Parineeti Chopra
Govinda Govinda

Story : Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar are Abandon kids who are brothers and are taken care by Govinda who says they are my sons . Govinda (Bhaiya Ji) is a supari killer businessman and both Ranveer singh i.e. Dev and Ali Zafar i.e. Tutu are his employees cum sons who kills people for money .

Now Ranveer Singh fell in Love with parineeti chopra and decides to be a good man and Govida obvoiusly didnt like it .


Question to Producer : Why did you make this movie ?


Trailer :