The Perfect Coffee

How to make great instant coffee with Nescafe

Recently I had awesome taste of coffee which i made at home so i thought of document it somewhere and so i thought why not blog it .May be i can help someone .So here s the steps to get best coffee in the world .

What we need :

  1. Milk 1 Mug

    Milk Cup Size
    Milk Cup Size
  2. Nescafe Gold – 1 teaspoon full

    spoon size
    spoon size
  3. Pan
Pan for Coffee
Pan for Coffee

Lets see the steps to the perfect cup

  1.  put 1 tea spoon coffee powder into coffee Mug . See Image above for spoon size
  2.  put 1 Mug Milk in pan and allow it to boil on a low flame and keep it boiling until milk becomes thick. We usually use low fat milk to it takes us 5 7 minutes in this process
  3. Take 1 teaspoon of milk from that pan ( doesn’t matter if the milk is boiled yet ) into the coffee Mug which has powdered coffee and stir well for 5 to 6 minutes (We don’t like to take sugar , but if you like add some as per taste)
  4. Once you are satisfied that the mixture of coffee and milk is stirred well  , pour this mixture into the pan and increase the flame to high
  5. Watch it so that coffee doesn’t get out of the pan
  6. Once it is completely boiled , lower the flame and stir well with a spoon
  7. Increase the flame again . allow it to boil and close the flame
  8. Put the coffee in coffee Mug very nicely with lots and lots of love and care
  9. Perfect cup is ready .
  10. Enjoy it and let us know if you like it
My Coffee is Ready